World Medical Tourism Congress 2017

World Medical Tourism Congress 2017

Medical Avenue participated at the World Medical Tourism Congress for the third time since 2014. On this occasion the event took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center (LA, Cal). Among the guests, we had the chance to meet representatives of US, Singapore, Mexico, Hungary and Croatia medical institutions. Also present were high-ranking managers at international insurances companies and government officials from different regions.

During the three-day event, we attended a number of conferences and seminars. We learned about incoming tech for telemedicine, new methods to fight common diseases, bilateral exchange of medical expertise, cross-border medical insurances and more. On the other side, we also had time to share some knowledge on the CIS and GCC regions, as well as our know-how inside Korea.

Additionally, discussion tables and informal meetings gave us an opportunity to compare our services and identify some of our flaws. This swap of ideas refreshed the perspective about our obligations and relations with hospitals. Likewise, we assimilated original proposals on clients management that we’ll put in place as soon as possible. In general, it was a true learning experience from where we can only move forward.

Medical Avenue at the front of the industry in Asia

Medical Avenue, as the only MTA-accredited medical facilitator based in Korea and Kazakhstan, has to take the responsibility to bring “medical tourism’s best practices” to Asia. We believe our work has to contribute to the advancement of the medical tourism industry and to the progress of the region. We understand this is a non-stop process and accept the broad challenge that is taking care of somebody’s health.

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