Organ transplantation in South Korea

Liver and kidney transplant in South Korea

Organ transplantation

Are you a candidate for organ transplant in South Korea?

Our team will begin to process your request immediately after receiving medical data and examination results (MRI, CT, ultrasound, etc.)

As soon as we receive the responses from the Korean specialists, we will immediately provide you with all the available options.

If you are a candidate for transplantation, it is important to remember that foreign patients can only receive an organ from a “living donor”, and the donor must come with you. The donor must be your relative (2nd degree max).

Once you decide on the doctor and clinic for transplant operation, our team will begin to help you with the application form for the “living donor certificate” and all the necessary steps for transplantation in South Korea. We like to remind you that our services are FREE OF CHARGE for you.

Alexandra Ko,
Head of medical coordination department

Why to use Medical Avenue's services:

What additional services do we provide to our clients coming for organ transplant to South Korea?

  • Assistance in applying for medical visa in your country
  • Free preliminary consultation at the best Korean medical centers
  • Second medical opinion
  • Free translation during hospitalization and surgery
  • Direct access to leading surgeons
  • Visa extension, accommodation and assistance in daily life for long stays
  • Patient follow-up for future treatment
  • KONOS application (National approving process for living donor organ transplantation) assistance

More information you need to know about organ transplant in South Korea:


Access to the best doctors in South Korea. Our database includes more than 500 specialists.


We offer you a third party insurance policy, as well as our own corporate insurance.


Our team will assist you before, during and after the medical trip.


We build trust with our customers and they are part of our long-term vision.

Our commitment

Reliable medical services

We believe everyone should be able to access quality medical services. Therefore, we look forward to help more people seeking treatment in South Korea.

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