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Organ transplantation in Korea

Organ transplantation in Korea: Living donor Kidney / Liver transplants in South Korea

Organ transplantation is a medical treatment to solve end-stage organ collapse placing a healthy organ. A living person or a deceased donor donates the organ, instead of the affected one.

Organ transplantation is considered the last resource for those suffering from irreversible organ failures. The results can be lifesaving.

Why is South Korea a leader in living donor transplantation?

The number of liver transplants from a living donor in South Korea per 1 million people is the highest in the world (13.64 per 1 million). This is due to cultural traditions and obligations in between families. Therefore, Korean doctors have great skills and expertise in this kind of medical procedures.

Also, there are some hospitals that have committed to enrich the research behind transplantations and help professors develop innovative techniques using cutting-edge technology through academic and scientific programs.

How does South Korea compare to China and India in relation to transplantation surgeries?

In South Korea prices can be higher than in China and India. For example, a living donor liver transplantation that includes the two surgeries and a month of hospitalization can cost 210,000,000 Korean Won ($200,000USD approx.) for foreign patients. This price is usually more than in China or India. Nevertheless, the sanitarian control and doctors’ expertise in Korea have a higher level than in other countries around the region.

Which hospitals are the best for organ transplantation in South Korea?

Especially relevant, Asan Medical Center is a leading medical institution in organ transplantation. The organ transplantation department counts with a team of 41 surgeons. It is responsible for 26% from the total of 3,879 organs transplantations surgeries performed inside the nation during 2014.

Other medical institutions are:
Seoul National University Hospital
Yonsei Severance Hospital

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