Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine

Jaseng, the largest Oriental Medicine Center in South Korea, specializes in non-surgical treatment of the spine and joints, as well as a herbal weight loss program.

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The word “Jaseng” expresses the principle of Korean Traditional treatment and means the power of self-healing, the build-up of the internal forces of the body, capable of defeating diseases.

Therapies certified by the Korean government, combining tradition and modern technology.

Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine has been approved by the Korean Ministry of Health as an Oriental Traditional Medicine Clinic specializing in spine and immunity. The clinic has over 24 branches inside and outside the country. If you combine all the branches, you get about 280 medical workers, about 30 centers and about 850 beds.

Doctors at Jaseng Hospital have extensive experience in non-surgical spine treatment of the spine and joints: intervertebral hernia, degenerative diseases of the intervertebral discs (osteochondrosis of the spine), stenosis of the spinal canal, etc.

Acute, chronic pain, as well as various types of spine and joint diseases are treated in Korea using a combination of techniques such as manual therapy Chun, Shinbaro, pharmacopuncture and moxibustion, as well as physiotherapy and “motion therapy”.

Special offers from Medical Avenue and Jaseng Hospital Gangnam:

  • Postoperative recovery program
  • Healthy and balanced life program
  • Comprehensive joint treatment
  • Spine correction sessions
  • Korean Traditional Medicine treatment Methods

Four specialized centers at Jaseng Hospital:

  • Spine Center: Treatments for Chronic Pain and More Complex Spinal Disorders
  • Joint Treatment Center: Special Treatment for Arthritis and Other Joint Diseases
  • Korean Traditional Therapy Center: Alternative Solutions for Reproductive, Immune, Digestive and Cardiovascular Systems
  • Healthy Lifestyle Center: Anti-Aging Program, Weight Loss & Lifestyle Improvement
Medical Avenue's recommended doctors at Jaseng Hospital

Specialist in all types of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Non-surgical treatment of joints and spine. Immunity and recovery of the body.

Non-surgical treatment of joints and spine. Immunity and recovery of the body. Infertility treatment and weight loss with herbs.
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