ID Hospital

ID Plastic Surgery Clinic offers various plastic surgery services in South Korea for face and body plastic surgery procedures. The clinic has repeatedly shown excellent results in facial reconstruction and feminization in patients from more than 40 countries.

Gangnam, Seoul, Korea

Dr.Park Sang Hoon

Dr.Park Sang Hoon ID Hospital

Face feminization at ID Plastic Surgery Clinic

Контурная пластика лица ID hospital
Ортогнатическая хирургия ID Hospital

Orthognathic surgery at ID clinic

Other operation available at ID Hospital:

Our patients' experiences
Thank you Medical Avenue for helping me get to ID Hospital and for all your additional services. I want to tell people that using the services of a company like yours really matters. Not only did I save money, but I also received many gifts, plus the operation went well. Thanks again for your friendly approach, I am sure we will meet soon on my next trip to Korea.
Thanks to the doctors at Id Hospital! And Medical Avenue for your help! I'll see you soon...
Уход за кожей в Корее
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