Nose plastic surgery in South Korea

Nose plastic surgery in South Korea

The nose plays a vital role on the face overall appearance. Whether it is hooked or the bridge is too shallow or the tip too rounded, the aspect of it will have a major influence on the face features. A shapelier nose will help to balance all the face components giving a beautiful look.

Rhinoplasty augmentation / rhinoplasty reduction / rhinoplasty revision

Asian people tend to have a shallower nose bridge than the Westerns. The latter are more prone to have a prominent dorsum (nose bridge).

The ideal nose is that one with shapelier line toward the tip! To have it, doctors can suggest a rhinoplasty augmentation or rhinoplasty reduction. In most of the cases Korean plastic surgeons use cartilage graft to correct the nose and create the ideal balance.

The augmentation method uses silicone implants to shape the bridge into perfect dimension. Silicone is the best material due to its flexibility, shape-ability and the easiness to remove it.


For the nose reduction method: Korean surgeons will assess the overall size of the nose and determine where to shave cartilage, bone or both. They can shave the nostrils or a hump in the bridge to make the shape more natural.  Doctors usually recommend to give a touch to the tip for better results.

After an initial nose surgery not every patient is satisfied with the final results or might have some functional problems. For those cases, they may want to have a revision procedure (second surgery). Doctors usually recommend at least 6 months in between surgeries to let the nose fully recover.

Here you will find a table with key information about rhinoplasty procedures in South Korea:

Procedure Nose plastic surgery / Rhinoplasty
Observations Surgery requires local sedation / anesthesia. Patient should come for revision two days after the procedure. The swelling can be severe, but should go down after a couple of days. It goes after 3 to 4 months.
Total price $2,000 – $5,500 **
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Other common nose plastic / rhinoplasty methods in South Korea:

Tip plasty: The correction of the tip of the nose can produce a refined look for the whole face. A bulbous nose will need a reduction of soft tissue at the tip, and the use of a silicone implant to define an ideal shape. A low-sitting nose will have ear cartilage grafting and a silicone implant to achieve a long-lasting result. Finally, a flat and flared nasal tip will have a reduction to create a smoother sensation.

Septoplasty or deviated nose: This type of crooked shape nose answers most of the times to an injury or trauma. Besides the aesthetic concerns, patients can present multiple health-related problems. Korean plastic surgeons offer different approaches to this kind of surgery. The majority of the cases will include a removal of a portion of cartilage and the straightening of the nasal bone. In some cases, the surgeon will also recommend the insertion of silicone implants to the nose bridge.

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