Rhinoplasty in Korea

Nose plastic surgery in Korea

The nose is a very important part of the face: from bridge to tip, all of it plays an important role in the face appearance and image in general. A correct shape of the nose helps to properly balance the face expressions.

Rhinoplasty in Korea

It is generally believed that the ideal shape of the nose is a refined nose line and a narrow tip.

In many cases, Korean doctors use ear cartilage to plastic the tip of the nose to achieve the perfect balance.

Rhinoplasty in Korea is very popular among the local population. Thanks to Korean doctors’ experience and popularity, not only people from all over Asia, but also Europeans and Americans, come to improve the shape of their nose.

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Correction of the nose hump
Stubby nose correction
Wide nose correction
Long nose correction
Correction of the curved nasal septum
Low/flat nose correction

The number of patients from all over Asia (Kazakhstan, Russia and Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Thailand and China) coming to Korea for rhinoplasty has increased every year since 2009. Western patients coming from Australia, the United States, New York and Europe are also keen to make their nose more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, thanks to the brilliant results that Korean doctors can offer.

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