Cha Gangnam Medical Center

Cha Gangnam Medical Center works under a convenient and efficient protocol for international patients.

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International Medical Services

The clinic pays special attention to international patients, adapting the premises for more comfortable and effective treatment.

National top departments of obstetrics and gynecology

While Cha Gangnam offers medical solutions ranging from general surgery to pediatrics, the clinic is well known for its OB/GYN department. This specialized center is equipped with the latest technology to treat women of all ages.

The center also has a luxury postpartum care center in Korea. In this center, young mothers can relax, recover after childbirth, and even learn how to take care of newborns. There are two and four weeks programs to choose from.

Why is worth to visit Cha Gangnam Medical Center using Medical Avenue's services?

  • Preliminary phone call with a professional medical coordinator in English
  • Direct and quick access to appointments with a doctor without unnecessary documentation
  • Automated document transfer process: medical history and records (no need for Korean translation)
  • Recommendations/information for doctors and surgeons
  • Free organization of non-medical events (accommodation, transport, guide, telephone)
  • Priority Services at the International Office for Medical Avenue
  • Follow-up services after returning home (delivery of medicines, additional appointments, payment process)

Centers of Excellence in Cha Gangnam Medical Center:

Top doctors at Cha Gangnam Medical Center:

Department of gynecology. Specialization: polycystic ovaries, hysteroscopy, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, egg freezing

Department of gynecology. Specialization: gynecological oncology, single-port laparoscopic surgeries, robotic surgeries, uterine fibroids, ovarian tumors, endometriosis

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