Cha Fertility Center

Cha Center for Reproductive Medicine in downtown Seoul is a world leader in reproductive medicine and fertility treatments for men and women.

If you would like to talk to one of our coordinators, please send us a message:

Treatment of female and male infertility

This clinic offers innovative treatments for female and male infertility.

Renowned doctors and the latest IVF technologies

At Cha Center for Reproductive Medicine, many couples from different countries have found solutions to their infertility problems. Cha center and its doctors have more than 50 years of experience. According to official figures, the center has helped more than 20,000 couples become parents. Since 2009 IVF in Korea became available to foreign patients.

This center is located next to Seoul Train Station in the heart of the city. Accordingly, our clients can stay in nearby areas and not necessarily in hotels for longer stays. We will help you find a place to stay within walking distance of the IVF Center.

Why use Medical Avenue's services for your IVF treatment at Cha Fertility Center?

  • Preliminary phone call with a professional medical coordinator in English
  • Direct and quick access to appointments with a doctor without unnecessary documentation
  • Automated document transfer process: medical history and records (no need for translation into Korean)
  • Recommendations / information for doctors and surgeons
  • Free organization of non-medical events (accommodation, transport, guide, telephone)
  • Priority Services at the International Office for Medical Avenue Coordinators
  • Follow-up services after returning home (medication delivery, additional appointments, payment process)

Treatment methods available at Cha Fertility Center for Reproductive Medicine:

  • IVF clinic
  • Genetic clinic
  • Clinic for ovulation disorders
  • IUI Clinic
  • Clinic for recurrent miscarriage
Medical Avenue's recommended doctors at Cha Fertility Center:

Infertility and IVF
Specialty: infertility, pre-implantation genetic diagnostics, multiple unsuccessful implantations, ovulation disorders, laparoscopic and hysteroscopic operations, consultation of foreign couples.

Infertility and IVF
Specialty: ovarian wasting syndrome, multiple failed implantation, adenomyosis, endometriosis.

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