Hospitals in South Korea


Samsung Medical Center is one of the leading hospitals in Asia in the field of adult and pediatric oncology, as well as neurology.

Severance Hospital (affiliated with Yonsei University) was established by Dr. Horace N. Allen in 1885. One of the leading hospitals in South Korea for oncology and pediatrics.

Chaum Life Center is a premium diagnostic and wellness center located in the heart of Gangnam, Seoul’s high-end area.

Aju University Hospital is a JCI accredited hospital located in Suwon, South Korea.

As part of the Cha Hospital Network, a multinational group of medical institutions, this medical center is one of the newest in South Korea.

Cha Bundang Medical Center is located in the city of Bundang, just outside Seoul. The center is part of the Cha hospital network.

Jaseng, the largest Oriental Medicine Center in South Korea, specializes in non-surgical treatment of the spine and joints, as well as a herbal weight loss program.

Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital is the largest Catholic medical institution in South Korea.

Nanoori Hospital is a spine and joint treatment center. The group has several branches in various cities around South Korea, as well as in the UAE and China.

Dream Clinic is a pioneer in the plastic surgery and cosmetology industry in South Korea.

Banobagi specializes in face and body plastic surgeries and has experienced doctors in the revision aesthetic surgeries.

View Clinic was founded in 2005. The clinic is especially proud of its excellent results in breast augmentation.

One of the largest plastic surgery clinics in South Korea. Famous for her work on face reconstruction and feminization.

Apple Tree Dental Clinic Gangnam offers top quality implants from Switzerland and South Korea.

Hangil is one of the leading ophthalmic treatment and vision correction centers in South Korea.

Cha Center for Reproductive Medicine in downtown Seoul is a world leader in reproductive medicine and fertility treatments for men and women.

MizMedi Women’s Hospital has over 60 years of experience in the treatment of female diseases and outstanding results in the IVF procedure in South Korea.

Maria Fertility Women’s Hospital is a fertility center offering solutions to international couples looking for IVF protocols and other fertility procedures.

Seoul National University Diagnostic Center (SNUH) is one of the leading check up centers nationwide in South Korea.

Cha Gangnam Medical Center has developed a convenient and effective protocol for international patients.

Wooridul Spine Hospital has been offering top level spine treatment in South Korea for over 40 years.

Asan Medical Center in Seoul has a worldwide reputation as a leader in liver and kidney transplantation. One of the largest hospitals in South Korea.

Seoul National University Hospital is one of the pioneers of medical services in the country.

Proud Urology Clinic is the first JCI accredited urology clinic in South Korea and Asia.

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