Banobagi Plastic Surgery

Doctors at Banobagi Clinic in South Korea have a high reputation for eyes, nose and face revision (redo) surgery. The inpatient department has 26 beds, several relaxation areas on different floors and more than 10 consultation rooms.

Gangnam, Seoul, Korea

Dr. Barn Jae Sang

Доктор Бан Дже Сан

Anti-aging surgery at Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic

Антивозрастные операции в клинике пластической хирургии Banobagi
Липосакция + абдоминопластика в клинике пластической хирургии Banobagi​

Liposuction + abdominoplasty at Banobagi clinic

Other operations at Banobagi clinic:

Our patients' experiences
Thanks to Medical Avenue for introducing me to Banobagi Clinic. I liked the doctor very much, he immediately understood my desires. Now I'm recovering from the operation, the result is already pleasing!
Big recommendation for the girls at Medical Avenue! I went to the Banobagi clinic for a facelift and I didn't regret it! Now I look younger and feel younger! I will recommend Medical Avenue to all my friends and acquaintances!
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