Banobagi Plastic Surgery

Doctors at the Banobagi Clinic in Korea have a high reputation for revision surgery types: eye, nose and face.

The inpatient department has 26 beds, several recreation areas on different floors and more than 10 consultation rooms.



Gangnam, Seoul, Korea

Dr. Bang Jae-sang

Доктор Бан Дже Сан

Anti-aging surgeries at Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic

Антивозрастные операции в клинике пластической хирургии Banobagi
Липосакция + абдоминопластика в клинике пластической хирургии Banobagi​

Liposuction + Abdominoplasty at Banobagi Clinic

Our client's words

Thanks to Medical Avenue for introducing me to Banobagi Clinic. I really liked the doctor, he immediately understood my desires. Now I am recovering after the operation, the new result is already pleasing!


According to the recommendations of the girls from Medical Avenue, I turned to the Banobagi clinic for a facelift - and I am not regretting it! Now I look, well, good! I will recommend Medical Avenue to all my friends and acquaintances!

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