Fat transfer rejuvenating processes in Korea!

Липофиллинг в Корее 1
Липофиллинг в Корее 2
Липофиллинг в Корее 3
Липофиллинг в Корее 4
Липофиллинг в Корее 4
Липофиллинг в Корее 1
Липофиллинг в Корее 2
Липофиллинг в Корее 3
Липофиллинг в Корее 4
Липофиллинг в Корее 4
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Lipofilling in Korea

Fat tissue transplant, lipofilling
ProblemLack of volume, first signs of skin aging, some areas of the face sunken (cheeks, area around the nose and lower eyelid line), flat forehead
Surgery time1.5-2 hours
HospitalizationNot required
Removing stitchesOn Day 7 after the procedure
Description of the procedureThe transplantation of fat tissue, as the name of the procedure implies, is the use of your own fat to improve any area of the face. To give the desired shape and elasticity.
The whole process consists of the following steps: extraction of the patient’s fat tissue (usually from the hip or abdomen), cleaning, filling the necessary areas of the face using injections. The procedure is simple and painless, recovery and the results are shown immediately.
With lipofilling, you can fill sunken or flat areas of the face, giving back youthfulness and elegance. The procedure will also help to smooth out fine wrinkles, give elasticity to the skin and improve its color.
Part of the fat after lipofilling is absorbed by the body, but the remaining unabsorbed fat is stored for a long time.
For the best effect, it is recommended to conduct a second operation 1-3 months after the first.
Fat tissue transplantation is used as an alternative to changing the face contour, especially in the case of Asian patients.
Instead of surgical procedures, the patient can choose lipofilling. However, compared to operating methods, the results are not so dramatic and less durable.
*Price3,500,000 – 5,300,000 won

*Varies according to the clinic, the qualifications of the surgeon and the complexity of the surgery. To get the exact cost, please contact Medical Avenue Coordinators.

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