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With Medical Avenue, you get direct and fast access to the best surgeons and doctors in South Korea: JCI-accredited and KHIDI-certified hospitals and plastic surgery clinics. Using our services you have the opportunity to receive reliable information for your treatment in South Korea and find out the most specialized medical institution for each particular disease.

Also, you can use our online consultation program with Korean doctors to help you save time during urgent decisions. We aim to make every step of your medical trip to South Korea an elite experience, providing short and long term solutions for you and your loved ones.

We are always

Glad to help

Yekaterina Lee

Ли Екатерина

Yekaterina Lee

CEO / Co-Founder
"Our job is very rewarding, people is extremely thankful when you are honest to them."
Ко Александра

Alexandra Ko

Head Medical Coordinator in S. Korea
"Our job is to help people at their hardest moments, when they need to feel safe."
KimElina_Медицинский переводчик


Medical Translator in S. Korea
"At the hospitals, I understood that our clients need not only my translation skills, but my personal care."
Karina Akhmet Medical Avenue


Customer Relations Manager at CIS Rep. Office
"We listen and give reliable options. I feel clients sincerely trust our recommendations."


Medical Translator at CIS Rep. Office
“It is an everyday experience. To think that my work can impact the whole medical request process brings an extra sense of responsibility.”

Javier Molina

General Director / Co-Founder
"To share the room with this talented, multicultural and female-led team is a treat."
Нам Марина

Marina Nam

Aesthetic & Beauty Coordinator in S. Korea
"Looking at client's reaction after a successful and joyful stay in Korea gives true satisfaction."
Medical coordinator in Korea


Medical Coordinator in S. Korea
"It's about helping others, that what
gives our work true meaning."

Nailya Aukhadiyeva

CIS Rep. Office Director
"There is a lot to do for the CIS region medical market. We can bring better and fairer services to people."
Aizhan Ashimbayeva Medical Avenue


Medical Coordinator at CIS Rep. Office
"It is my job to make our customers feel safe. Going abroad for medical treatment is scary, so we need to be empathic. We are their support.”
Медицинский переводчик в офисе представительства стран СНГ


Medical Translator at CIS Rep. Office
"Medical records translation is the first step of a long journey we help our customers with. We understand this first step dictates the rest.”
We don't refer, we take care

Why to choose Medical Avenue


Our client's privacy is primordial for us. Thus, we ensure all the medical information is safely stored.


We solely recommend and promote medical institutions with national & international certifications.


Aside from our own corporate insurance, we assist people to be protected in case of any medical accident.


As a certified medical agency, we vet Korean doctors to refer our clients to those with the highest qualifications.

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