SNUH Healthcare System Gangnam

Seoul National University Diagnostic Center (SNUH) is one of the leading check up centers nationwide in South Korea.

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Complete body screening in one day

A comfortable and pleasant environment for international clients to have a 1 day full checkup.

Individual check up programs

The diagnostic center is equipped with the latest medical devices for scanning and detecting body abnormalities. These state-of-the-art technologies help highly trained professionals accurately read medical images and reports. Efficiency and promptness in obtaining results are of great importance for many of our patients.

SNUH Gangnam Check Center offers customized screening programs in Korea for women and men. There are also specialized programs focused on brain screening, oncology and cardiology programs. It is important to note that if cancer or any other serious illness is suspected, the patient is immediately notified and the patient is referred to SNUH Hospital in Seoul or Bundan.

Special services for Medical Avenue clients at the check up center:

  • Annual promotions and discounts
  • Family and affiliate programs
  • Urgent consultation based on test results
  • Free translation in the clinic
  • Instant access to the hospital when needed
  • VIP services
  • Accommodation within 5-minute from the clinic (additional hotel discounts)

Additional Services at SNUH Gangnam Diagnostic Center:

  • VIP room
  • Consultation rooms
  • Lounge branch of our partners
  • Individual (customized) programs
Check out the available check-up programs for 2021 from SNUH:
  • Duration 2-3 hours
  • Cost $680 – $1,030 USD
  • Consists of mandatory tests for screening health and detecting diseases at an early stage.
  • Duration 4-5 hours
  • Cost $1,920 – $2,990 USD
  • With an emphasis on family history and medical history, in-depth programs focus on specific organs with more detailed and targeted examination.
  • Duration 6-7 hours;
  • Cost $5,510 – $6,540 USD
  • With the help of CT and MRI instrumental examinations, a comprehensive, in-depth examination of all internal organs and systems is carried out to detect diseases at an early stage
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