Medical Facilitator: Who is Medical Avenue?

Medical Avenue’s team!

Medical Avenue is a medical tourism facilitator (agency) created by multicultural and multidisciplinary people who understand the importance of health, mental peace and leisure.

Our team aims to help patients from all over the world to go through their medical treatment while solving the difficulties that often appear during their stay abroad.

How do we work for our clients?

Our business is structured to grant personal attention to our clients before, during and after their medical trip. The final goal is to be a personal medical consultant for them. That means: a full lifetime service, from future appointments management, medical and health balance products and emergency treatment’s arrangements.

When you travel to South Korea for medical treatment using Medical Avenue’s services, you will receive personal attention and extra benefits to make your medical trip an elite experience:

  • Free concierge service: Airport pick-up, hotel check-in and hospitalization
  • Free phone line during your stay in South Korea
  • Translation service at medical centers without a cost
  • Transportation arrangements: rental cars, minivans, city cabs
  • Discount at our partner’s hotels
  • 24 / 7 call service
  • Orientation in town and food / entertainment / amenities (recommendations)
  • Sightseeing & Tours organization (must be book in advance)
  • Follow up with your doctor at home

Medical tourism agency professionals:


Medical Avenue works within the country’s legal and ethical framework. We are certified by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) and belong to the group of agencies accepted by Medical Korea.

At international level, our staff has obtained certifications from the Medical Tourism Association: medical tourism professional (2014) and medical tourism marketing professional (2015). We regularly take part in conventions, events and seminars around the world.

Medical Avenue around Asia

Seoul, S. Korea: 10F, Uisadang-daero 97, Yeongdeungpo-gu. Phone: +82-2-6336-6767 WhatsApp: +82-10-2449-0215 Email: (English, French, Spanish, Italian)

Almaty, Kazakhstan: Республика Казахстан, г. Алматы, пр-т. Сейфуллина 617, ТРЦ Forum, 5 этаж Phone: 8(727)349-34-08 / +7(707)630-81-66 Email: / (Русский, Kазахский)


As the leading medical facilitator in the country, Medical Avenue has agreements with over 30 hospitals and specialized clinics. Hence, we have access to a large database of the most reliable doctors in Korea. Additionally, we can offer a wide range of medical and touristic packages to match the necessities and budgets of all.

As a rule, the quality of the institutions we collaborate with is as important as our excellence in service. We know “the medical tourist” will not separate our work from our partner’s services. Therefore, we need to keep high standards for every step of their medical trip.

Noteworthy, we constantly ask for our patients’ feedback to evaluate our partners and our own services. In this way, we hope to continually improve and offer the best possible service to the clients.


We divide our work into a “3-step process”: needs-solutions-treatments

  1. After the firs contact with the client, we collect travel and medical information.
  2. We find the best-suited medical institutions and doctors, and arrange the client’s medical trip.
  3. Once in South Korea, our team will personally help the client during medical and non-medical processes.

Medical Avenue Community

In conclusion: Our philosophy stands on two premises: Doing good and bringing health to people.

Last but not least, we believe in transparency and long-term relation. Yes, Medical Avenue wants to be your health travel advisor for life!

For us, community is about commitment and care, and it is precisely that sense of community we are looking to create when we take care of clients.

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