The work of a medical tourism agency

Medical Tourism agency

What should a Medical Tourism agency do for you?

As a Medical Tourism agency we understand that a medical tourist is not just another travel finding new locations to enjoy, relax and gain experiences. A medical tourist is a person looking for the best possible medical treatment away from home while. The normal questions are: Whom to ask for medical treatment abroad? What kind of company organizes medical treatment in foreign countries? Where to ask for help for my medical trip?

Professional and responsible agencies know that the main needs of this kind of traveler go beyond plane tickets and recommendations for hot spots. Professionals understand that those who visit another country seeking for medical attention have to know about the medical institutions’ accreditations. Those international patients have to understand the application process and paperwork. Also, they should be fully aware of range of prices. Lastly, they must have access to doctors’ profiles and credentials.

Additionally, in case of not speaking the local language, that they should be provided with one coordinator fully capable to communicate with them. All this before the patient travels to the selected destination.

SNUH Checkup Center / Medical Avenue staff
SNUH Checkup Center / Medical Avenue staff

The work of a medical tourism facilitator requires a perfect workflow and an exact understanding of the clients’ needs. At Medical Avenue, we have put together a scheme divided in four large fields to better serve all our costumers:

The 4 stages of a medical tourism agency

1. Healthcare

  • Identification: Along with the client, we identify the medical needs to look for the most adequate solution. Medical records, images and clear information from the patient make this step more accurate.
  • Price estimate: We provide several budgets from different medical institutions. Our recommendations are always based on previous cases and former client’s assessments.
  • Monitoring healthcare quality: We constantly ask our clients and other related sources to monitor the quality of the work process inside our partner’s facilities.

2. Tourism/Concierge

  • Translators: We offer free translation and interpretation services before, during and after medical procedures and consultations.
  • Personalized services (guide): Every clients is absolutely different form the previous and the next one: That is the reason we have a one-to-one approach.
  • Tourism related arrangement: The medical tourist wants to look around, learn and experience the local food, culture and attractions.

3. Documentation

  • Legal documents: At Medical Avenue we provide orientation and advice to rapidly tackle documentation.
  • Patient records: Privacy is an obligation for us. As a link between the hospital and medical tourists: we keep all the medical information safe on private servers.
  • Claim submissions and reimbursements: If one of them needs our assistance to file a claim we would always try to help.

4. Travel

  • Flights, accommodation, transport: Our job is to have everything ready for our clients, like anybody would do with a guest visiting home.

If we are not doing our job, please tell us!

Our is always available.  We welcome you in South Korea and the rest of our locations!

We thank all our clients who have decided to rely on us! And welcome those who want to experience an elite class service! We wish you all a safe medical travel!

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