Medical institutions and clinics in South Korea

Banobagi Plastic Clinic in South Korea Banobagi Plastic Clinic is not just another medical partner for Medical Avenue. For the last year, we have come together to bring better services for international patients under one single philosophy. Moreover, surgeons and managers inside this medical institution have supported our approach to clients and have granted us […]

Vision correction clinic in Seoul, South Korea

Lasik and Lasek surgery at Hangil Hospital in South Korea Corrective eye surgery is very common in South Korea. Thousand of patients, either locals, expats or visitors, go to specialized eye clinics every year to correct common vision problems, improve their sight and get rid of bothersome contact lenses or tiresome eyeglasses. Foreign patient’s satisfaction-oriented […]

The Severance Pediatric Hema-Oncologic Clinic offers world class medical attention to babies, children and teenagers for a wide range of hematologic and oncologic diseases. The center is divided into two (2) departments: the Department of Oncology focused on leukemia, brain tumor, lymphoma and sarcoma treatments, and the Department of Hematology specialized in aplastic anemia, hemophilia […]

SNUH Gangnam Women Programs Checkup Promotion 2018 Every year we celebrate our women during March with flowers. We treat them with a delicious meal or write them postcards. If possible we take them to a romantic date. But what about if, for the whole month, we could offer our mother, grandmother, sister, wife, girlfriend or […]

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