Vision correction clinic in Seoul, South Korea

Vision correction clinic in Seoul, South Korea

Lasik and Lasek surgery at Hangil Hospital in South Korea

Corrective eye surgery is very common in South Korea. Thousand of patients, either locals, expats or visitors, go to specialized eye clinics every year to correct common vision problems, improve their sight and get rid of bothersome contact lenses or tiresome eyeglasses.

Foreign patient’s satisfaction-oriented eye clinic

Among hundreds of clinics in South Korea, Medical Avenue’s team has chosen Hangil Hospital as the most suitable eye clinic for their foreign customers. Their friendly and efficient approach to international visitors guarantees an elite treatment for patients coming from Kazakhstan, Russia, the CIS region, USA, Australia, UEA and other parts of the world.

Medical Avenue’s decision came after assessing and comparing their facilities, medical equipment, staff, surgeon’s reputation, hygienic measures and location. In general, this clinic offers the best treatment for the fairest price.

Eye clinic for sight correction surgery

Hangil Hospital works in Bucheon City. Their facilities are spacious, comfortable and clean. The clinic is divided in two areas: one for consultation and one for surgery.

International coordinators fluent in Russian, English or Mongol greet visitors, take them to have a free comprehensive eye medical test and then to have a consultation with the eye specialist. If approved by the doctor, Medical Avenue patients can receive same-day appointment for their corrective eye surgery. This makes our clients trip more efficient and gives extra time to rest.

Price for Medical Avenue’s clients:

  • Prime Lasek – 1,440,000 KRW
  • Laser Fit Lasek – 1,800,000 KRW
  • Custom Lasik – 2,040,000 KRW
  • Slim fit Lasek – 2,280,000 KRW
  • Slim fit Lasik – 2,400,000 KRW
  • SMILE – 3,360,000 KRW

Other procedure available*

If you want to book an appointment at Hangil Hospital you can also send us a message to

Our clients can stay at a 3 stars residence-hotel, 5 minutes walking from the clinic. Ask for our packages!

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