FQA Medical travel to South Korea

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Things you must know before traveling to South Korea for medical treatment!

We were urged to answer the most common questions we receive from patients coming to South Korea for medical treatment.

FQA medical trip to South Korea

After a brief discussion with our medical coordinators (experts in the subject) we came out with these 6 FQA medical travel to South Korea:

FQA medical travel to South Korea

How to choose the right hospital and the right doctor in South Korea?

After you send us your medical records and images, our coordinators will review our hospital’s database and offer you the best specialists for your medical request in South Korea. We follow doctor’s reputation and results, not only medical institutions. The next step is for you to decide which option fits your expectations and budget.

How to know in advance the cost of treatment? Are there discounts for foreigners in South Korea?

Officially there are no discounts for foreigners in South Korea. In fact it is openly known that foreigners pay a % more than locals. The treatment cost is always variable. We recommend our patients to have the initial cost we provide as a reference. Usually hospitals don’t go too high or too low from that initial number. We also ask patients to consider that unfortunately there could be unexpected complications, specially for long-term treatments. Aside, we’ll always try to offer our clients extra free services.

For check ups: How long does it take to get my medical checkup results?

If you come to South Korea for a basic medical checkup, the results take 3 to 5 working days. More elaborated tests results could take up to 10 days, depending on the medical institution. If you have to leave early, our staff will receive and send the doctor’s words to you.

Do I need a medical visa to come to South Korea?

Initially for USA, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, UEA, Kazakhstan, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and some other countries a 30-days-stay visa is granted at entrance. After that initial period, if you require to stay longer our staff will help you with the paperwork for a medical visa extension. For other CIS region countries, African and Latin American countries (and special cases) we help clients apply for a ‘medical visa’ to enter South Korea.

Can I go alone or should I be accompanied when traveling for medical treatment to South Korea?

Our job is to make your stay as comfortable as we can, so you can come alone and trust our staff. Now, it is always better for anybody to have a closer hand beside, particularly when condition is not stable.

Does my international insurance covers all the medical expenses in South Korea?

There are multiple medical centers in South Korea accepting international medical insurance. Reputable insurances like AXA, Bupa, Cigna and others provide coverage at main medical institutions in South Korea. Important: travel insurance and medical insurances are not the same product. Consult with your broker when traveling abroad for medical procedures.

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