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Medical Tourism Agency: Our role in your medical trip

There are numerous players around the medical tourism industry. As the name describes it: the field puts together the efforts of a country’s tourism sector and healthcare service. Both activities inherently related to local governments. Due to this circumstances, it is important for all the parts to work as one, and integrate the services of a medical tourism agency, in order to provide clients with the best possible experience.

As a medical tourism agency, our job is to have trustful relations with the hospitality industry such as hotels, restaurants, transportation and tour companies. Also, it is vital to collaborate with International Patient Departments at the top hospitals and clinics. The better the symbiosis, the better we can work with our clients. The goal is always to provide an elite experience while they are abroad for medical reasons.

Medical tourism agency responsibilities:

If you think traveling on your own is the most affordable way (travel packages), you might want to think twice: Legal and reliable medical travel agencies won’t charge you extra for your medical treatment. In several cases they will supply you with free translation during medical attention. Aside, they should provide you with other amenities to make your trip more comfortable and less stressing.

People should realize that it is not easy to go through the confusion inherent to travel abroad for medical care. Therefore, trusting a medical tourism agency might be the best first step international patients can take for their medical trip.

According to official statistics, only 37% of patients traveling abroad for medical treatment use a medical tourism agency. This number is remarkable for that means, 63% of travelers are NOT getting all the services they deserve and possibly need while abroad.

Now you know. It’s your choice, but if you want to listen to us, we are here for you. Contact us, we will reply as fast as possible.

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