Tips for your plastic surgery in South Korea

Dos and don’ts for plastic surgery in South Korea

Best practices to lower down the risks when having a plastic surgery procedure in Korea:

So you are ready to go and have a plastic surgery procedure in Korea! You have consulted your doctor, you talked to your closer friends and family, got your budget settled and most important convinced yourself that this is the best decision for you at this point of your life. Ok, perfect, now you have to know what to do and what not to do the days before your plastic procedure!


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Here are some tips to get ready for your plastic surgery abroad:

  1. Do not take this medications 1 week prior your appointment:
    • a) Aspirin, celebrex, fish oil (omega-3), plavix, herbal medications, red ginseng and/or any other medicines that might thin your blood.
    • b) For medications prescribed by your doctor, please consult him/her for his/her approval to stop having them before your plastic surgery.
    • c) You have to tell the plastic surgeon in Korea about your medications! Except for those medicines in point “a”. Usually there is no problem to keep taking other kind of medications.
    • d) In the case of blood pressure medications, please be sure to tell the doctor and to bring extra with you during the surgery day.

    Additional tips for your plastic surgery in Korea:

  2. In the case of rhinoplasty (nose surgery) is it important to stop smoking for at least 3 days before your appointment and completely avoid it until the plastic surgeon approves it.
  3. The day of your appointment and before going into the operation room, please take off all your metallic jewelry.
  4. It is also recommendable to wear a loose and comfortable outfit: It will help you relax and stay calm.
  5. For safety purposes, it is also important to have somebody you trust as your companion or guardian. That person might be very necessary to take you back to your hotel after the plastic surgery. A small percentage of patients prefer to stay at the clinic after the procedure, but doctors usually will let you go after a few hours.
  6. Be diligent with your medications after the plastic procedure. Doctor will prescribe you some pills (given to you at the clinic) to reduce any kind of risk.

Safe and happy medical travel! We wait for you in Korea!

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