Best hospitals for foreigners in Korea 2023

Korea's most renowned medical centers

Korea’s most renowned medical centers

In the latest ranking published by Newsweek, it’s no surprise that Korea boasts an impressive presence, with five hospitals listed among the world’s top 100. This achievement is a testament to the remarkable growth of medical treatment in the Asian nation. Same that has kept pace with its thriving economy. Interestingly, Koreans also regard these five medical centers as the epitome of excellence in healthcare.

One key factor contributing to the success of these top-tier hospitals is the exceptional caliber of their medical staff, particularly their physicians. Many of these doctors are affiliated with the most esteemed medical schools in Korea. Notably, two of these medical centers, Severance Hospital (affiliated with Yonsei University) and Seoul National University Hospital (affiliated with Seoul National University), enjoy a close association with the most prestigious universities in the country.

  • Сеульский Госпиталь Святой Марии
  • Медицинский Центр Асан

The affiliation with renowned universities ensures that the medical staff at these hospitals undergo rigorous training and maintain a high standard of medical knowledge and practice. This connection to esteemed academic institutions fosters an environment of continuous learning, innovation, and cutting-edge research, ultimately benefiting patients who seek treatment at these world-class medical centers.

With the combination of exceptional medical staff, academic excellence, and state-of-the-art facilities, it’s no wonder that these five hospitals in Korea have earned their place among the best in the world.

Newsweek Korean hospitals rank (world rank)

  • Asan Medical Center (29)
  • Samsung Medical Center (40)
  • Seoul National University Hospital (49)
  • Severance Hospital – Yonsei University (67)
  • Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital (91)

Best hospitals for foreigners in Korea

Collaborating closely with the top 5 centers, Medical Avenue has been at the forefront of arranging exceptional medical treatments and concierge services for foreign patients in Korea for nearly a decade. Throughout this time we have determined what makes medical institutions in Korea suitable for foreign patients, in addition to the level of the medical staff.

Aside from the renowned magazine’s ranks (but taking it into consideration), we have built our “foreign readiness assessment”. This analysis is based on 5 key elements: the promptness of medical answers, the international department prowess, the medical staff cultural understanding, friendly facilities and immediate surroundings (accommodation, transportation, food).

Despite not being ranked number one and two on the international list, we have placed Samsung Medical Center and Severance Hospital at the top of our own ranking. Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital follows on 3rd place, with Asan Medical Center at the bottom.

Elements we use for our ranking:

  • Promptness of medical answers (we try to go back to clients with initial treatment plans and estimates within 3 working days)
  • International department prowess (the level of flexibility the department has to accommodate urgent requests at different medical departments)
  • Medical staff cultural understanding (the degree of comprehension doctors, nurses and administration staff shows to foreigners’ actions and thoughts)
  • Friendly facilities (the easiness to move around the hospital for foreigners without a translator)
  • Immediate surroundings (the number and quality of accommodations, restaurants and transportation)

Medical Avenue’s extensive doctor database is a valuable resource for patients seeking treatment in Korea. The database encompasses a wide range of medical specialties, ensuring that individuals can find the right doctor for their specific needs. Whether it’s cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, or any other medical discipline, Medical Avenue can connect patients with highly skilled and experienced doctors at the top hospitals in Korea.

Along with these top 5 general hospitals, Medical Avenue’s team keeps assessing specialized clinics (plastic surgery clinics, IVF centers, checkup centers, dental clinics, et. al) to help international patients find the best possible solution for their medical needs in Korea.

In future posts we’ll write more about these important players for the medical tourism industry inside this country.

Korea’s medical tourism industry looking forward

Korea’s medical system is poised for continuous improvement, fueled by academic research, public funding for technological advancements, and active participation in the global healthcare arena. The top five hospitals highlighted here possess substantial potential to climb even higher in international rankings, solidifying Korea’s position as a leading destination for medical tourism. In addition, it is the work of organizations like Medical Avenue to help Korean medical institutions to adapt best practices to make foreign patients more welcome.

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