Summer beauty with Medical Avenue

Summer beauty in Korea with Medical Avenue: Plastic Surgery promo!

For those who travel during summer to trendy spots, there is always the concern on how they look. Nobody of those casual travelers want to appear tired, aged or overweighted. Therefore, we needed to create a solution for them.

After thinking about it, this is what we decided: “Lets give 15% discount to those visiting South Korea during summer (2016) for a cosmetic surgery procedure at our partner’s clinics! We’ll either send them on their way to a warm beach nearby looking ravishing or take them to explore South Korea with a new younger look! With cash on their pockets!”

The way to cash our promo

The steps to enjoy the summer beauty with Medical Avenue are easy: Go into our page, explore the options and make a request. Then get in contact with our plastic surgery and cosmetic treatment coordinators, set a date and let us arrange everything for you. (Plus, we do not charge you for those services). Yes, you just have to pay for your plastic surgery in one of our partner’s clinics in South Korea. The rest it’s on us.

Our work as a professional and certified medical tourism facilitator is to provide you with the best available doctor for your specific plastic procedure. For that we need to vet a large number of plastic clinics in Seoul and around South Korea. After that, we must review every plastic surgeon’s resume. Finally, make sure the clinic offers special treatment and services for our clients.

After 4 years in the market, we are sure about the quality of our doctors and the professionalism of our clinics. Our deep relations award us with advantages for the sake of our clients.

For more information and restrictions please contact one of our offices at or leave your medical request right here!

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