8th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress

8th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress

During four days we walked around the 8th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress (check the 2017 edition as well) showroom and meeting saloons listening to different English accents and seeing heterogeneous faces.

We were sharing, discussing and trying to communicate our ideas and perspectives of medical tourism and global healthcare. We were all from diverse backgrounds, faraway countries: diversity, understanding and connection inside an industry that grows per year. Therefore it has to be more conscious and aware about the needs of a multicultural client.

World Medical Tourism Congress Medical Avenue
Medical Tourism Event in the USA

The lesson and the network in medical tourism

More than ever we comprehend that our role as medical tourism facilitators depends in much to the knowledge and experience we can collect from our clients and partners, but also from colleagues spread in different continents. Their stories and words complement ours and provide us with a broader picture about patients. About those we are seeking treatment and leisure outside their borders.

If we aim to be the most efficient, reliable and trustful medical tourism agency we must know what our clients are looking for!

Sure thing, to complement these insights, we have to have all the education and preparation we can obtain from experts and associations to empower our staff in order to serve better, solve problems more efficient and engage to clients in a more proactive form.

Coming back to the daily work we can express without regret that we became more savvy thanks to our certifications. We know better due to the notes we took from speakers and interlocutors, the whole network system. Now, it is time to apply all our lessons to improve our clients experience. Also, to efficiently help them solve their medical needs.

Medical tourism requires professionals and high-quality standards to reach the level of credibility we all need in this industry.

Medical Avenue will always work to provide clients with an elite experience! We welcome you in South Korea and all our medical destinations!

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