Medical tourism from UAE to South Korea

Medical tourism from UAE to South Korea

The Korean Tourism Organization and KHIDI invited Medical Avenue to the Korean Happiness Festival 2018 in Abu Dhabi, UAE, to promote medical tourism from UAE to South Korea. As one of the certified medical tourism facilitators, we attended among other ten Korean medical institutions. Our team worked to provide information to locals about medical treatments and the tourism infrastructure South Korea has to offer for them.

Medical tourism from UEA to South Korea

During three days the Medical Avenue team received more than hundred visitors to our booth. In those short meetings, we tried to answer all their tourism and medical questions. More important, we tried to provide them with the certainty that South Korea is a reliable option for medical tourism. Our main recommendation was to always use the services of certified medical tourism agencies like ours. This is to assure there won’t be unexpected situations during their medical trip to South Korea.

Our commitment to medical tourism

Beside managing the booth, our team had time to enjoy some traditional Korean musical and art performances. While enjoying the shows, we shared perspectives and ideas with people from the whole GCC region. Interacting with them gave us a better idea of their needs. This will contribute to make our job more efficient for Arabic speakers.

At Medical Avenue, we work to improve the experience for all medical tourists or, as some call them, international patients. We aim to help people from all over the world finding the right doctor and medical institution for their health requests. When international patients use our services, they are receiving a cost-free concierge service and access to our doctors and medical institutions database. They are also joining a community and a team ready to take care of them on multiple levels. Those points, we believe are critical for a positive outcome for anybody looking for treatment beyond their borders.

We hope to see you in South Korea!

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