Breast Cancer Prevention Campaign

Breast Cancer Prevention Campaign: Medical Avenue in Kazakhstan

During the last 3 days, Medical Avenue has been embarked on a breast cancer prevention campaign in Kazakhstan. The purpose of this action is to empower local women from 3 different cities (Almaty-Astana-Atyrau) with knowledge on breast cancer prevention and treatment.

The idea behind these free consultations is to create awareness on a disease that is affecting thousands of women. In another level, we also want to give a warm hand to those who have doubts or are facing this disease.

This event could not take place without the support of a certified-hospital with expertise on cancer treatment like Ajou Hospital.

Ajou University Hospital / Medical Avenue

Ajou University Hospital is one of the leaders on oncology treatment in South Korea and it is one of the 27 medical institutions awarded with the JCI certification.

Ajou University Hospital agreed to collaborate with us and send one of their most skillful oncology specialist, Dr. Lee, as well as 2 highly-regarded members of their International Department to help translate and assist during the consultations.

Thanks to their effort and Medical Avenue’s staff organization, we can say that this event entirely fulfilled its main goal: To help women and provide them with options to fight breast cancer. The cause more than noble is necessary. Women around the CIS region and the entire world should know how to properly and promptly face this major disease.

Our commitment and desire to fight cancer

This is just the first campaign of its kind in Kazakhstan by Medical Avenue, but surely it won’t be the last. Hence, our commitment is to help more women and men to understand that cancer does not mean the end, and that there are possibilities to fight against it.

We hope to keep doing it for a long period of time at diverse locations and with the support of more medical institutions.

If you have any question regarding cancer treatment in South Korea, please contact us.

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