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What has South Korea done to control the coronavirus covid-19 spread

After confirming multiple cases in the city of Daegu on February 26th, the Korean Government took the decision to TEST everyone labeled “at risk”. That category included those who had COVID-19’s similar symptoms (cough, fever, hard breathing, etc), those who had been in contact with confirmed cases and even those who were at the places where cases were tracked.

What to do if I CANNOT travel to Korea for medical reasons_

At the beginning of the year, many of us were thinking of having a checkup in South Korea during the spring break. Others were looking for medical treatment for underlying diseases at Korean hospitals. While some were thinking to boost their personal confidence at plastic surgery clinics in Korea. Unfortunately, the coronavirus spread cut everyone’s […]

Being said that, all those preventive measures are a simple feature compare to what the national healthcare system set in place: from diagnostic drive-thru centers (yes, you don’t have to go out of your car to be tested) to a transparent information system propelled by official organizations like the Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and non-official efforts like live feed online maps and even mobile phone apps.

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