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FAQ about Korea-Singapore Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL)

Travel to Korea: rules and best practices

Covid-19 restrictions has made traveling abroad for medical or aesthetic purposes a difficult task. Luckily, starting November 15th, 2021, Singaporeans and Singapore foreign residents can travel to Korea without quarantine. To visit Korea from Singapore became easier, but still, travelers most know and follow the official requirements.

From January 22nd, the Korean government is reinstating the VTL program in between Singapore and Korea after the announced suspension.

Due to the Omicron spread there are new condition to meet for travelers: The main one is to be fully vaccinated (2 dosis) within 180 days. For more information, please contact our coordinators.

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Read about the requirement and rules for people from Singapore to visit Korea. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact our representatives. They’ll be able to answer all your questions:

FAQ about “Korea-Singapore Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL)”

What is the “Korea-Singapore Vaccinated Travel Lane” (VTL)?

It is a system that allows COVID19 vaccinated travelers from Korea and Singapore to travel without quarantine restrictions.

Who is eligible for VTL?

A person who is fully vaccinated in Singapore with WHO Emergency Use Listing (EUL) COVID-19 vaccines for at least two (2) weeks before arrival in Korea.
The traveler must remain in Singapore or Korea for at least 14 days consecutively prior to travel.
Accompanying children below the age of 6 who are unvaccinated are eligible to travel to Korea via VTL and be exempted from quarantine. Unvaccinated children age 6 years and above may enter Korea but would be subjected to quarantine for 10 days (link).
The traveler must take a direct flight operated by Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Singapore Airlines or Scoot from Singapore to Korea.
Traveler who can obtain a Visa or K-ETA.
Travelers must purchase travel insurance with a minimum coverage of 30 million won (approximately SGD 34,000) for COVID19 related medical/treatment expenses and hospitalization cost. (Not applicable to Korean nationals, foreigners with approved long-term visa).

Do I have to do PCR tests for departure and arrival?

You will have to take a PCR test 3 times in total:
1) Within 48 hours of departure.
2) On arrival at Incheon airport.
3) If you are staying in Korea for more than 8 days, take a test on the 6th or 7th day.

Documents you should have on hand when you arrive to Korea:

1) Passport with at least 6 months validity.
2) Valid APEC card / K-ETA / Visa.
3) Vaccination certificate with QR code from Notarise (
4) Pre-departure COVID19 test result certificate issued within 48 hours of departure.
5) On arrival COVID19 test booking confirmation (should be done at Safe2GO pass website)
6) Physical copy of travel insurance with minimum 30 million won (approximately SGD 34,000) for COVID19-related medical/treatment expenses and hospitalization cost (not applicable to Korean nationals / foreigners with Alien Registration Card).

** This is NOT a medical NOR a legal advice. This post is made ONLY with the intention to share this travel information. To clarify or make an official inquiry, please contact your Embassy and/or follow the guidelines from the local CDC.

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