South Korea is the new destination for health tourism

South Korea is the new destination for health tourism

According to the Korean Tourism Organization over 2 million foreigners have received medical treatment at Korean medical institutions. Moreover, the total number of “medical travelers” has increased 22.7% per year since 2009.

The key point is the integration of a number of players inside the medical tourism industry. From the local government (Medical Korea) to the hospitality business. This includes the best airport in the world (Incheon International Airport, ICN), a solid the network of hotels and the excellent fast speed train service (KTX). Additionally, the emerging touristic attractions sponsored by Korean conglomerates (Samsung, LG, Lotte, et. al.).

Why is South Korea the new destination for health tourism?

The reason is the high quality of medical services in South Korea. Doctors in the country have to go through an exhausting process to obtain their professional degrees. After more than 10 to 12 years of hard study, Korean doctors keep targeting national and international certifications to have a position inside the top national hospitals, where many of them excel in their fields.

Complementing the local doctors’ professional experience, there is the technological part. South Korea leads the way in innovative tech equipment and of course this is not strange to the medical branch of it. Hospitals in the country possess medical devices only found at elite hospitals. Medtech like the Proton-Beam Therapy Center at the National Cancer Center or the many PET-CT’s located at several Health Checkup Centers are widely use by skillful doctors at some of our partners’ medical institutions.

New South Korea keeps improving

Finally, we have to add the dynamic social evolution this country is experiencing. It is now a milestone time for South Korea as the new generation is reforming the landscape to thrust the nation into the next global step.

The trend will keep on and more international patients will come. Cancer treatment, infertility or neurosurgery, will attract foreigners looking for better solutions. Adding to the famous plastic surgery trend or the complete health check up programs. South Korea will be a go to destination for medical tourism for the next years! Welcome all!

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