Introduction Medical Tourism in South Korea

Introduction Medical Tourism in South Korea

The medical tourism in South Korea has grown since 2009. During the last 10 years the country has received over 2 million foreigners at Korean medical institutions. This is due to the high reputation South Korean medical centers and doctors have around the Asian region.

Recently, Russian-speaking countries have found in South Korea the solution for their medical needs. Most of them come for cancer treatment, plastic surgery and IVF treatment among other procedures. Also Middle East patients are starting to visit this Asian nation by thousands.

Best medical treatments for foreign patients in South Korea

Here is a list with the most prestigious medical treatments available today in South Korea:

  • Oncology treatment in South Korea: Hospitals like Severance and Asan Medical Center have focused their assets to fight against cancer. They count with unique resources that go from state-of-the-art facilities: proton-therapy, robotic surgery, and highly specialized centers. Also merging modern techniques with Korean traditional medicine to boost the level of treatments’ success.
  • Infertility treatment in South Korea: Rates of pregnancy success in South Korea are higher other developed countries.
  • Organ transplantation in South Korea: There are 2 medical centers in South Korea that perform more living-donor liver transplantations than any other institution in the world. Despite all this, surgery’s costs are 20%-60% lower than other developed nations.
  • Plastic Surgery in South Korea: South Korea has become the hub for plastic surgery in Asia. Thus, local doctors have great experience and vast skills. Also, competition is so intense that clinics have not stopped finding new forms of services and extra attention to attract demanding costumers.

If you are ready to go to South Korea for your next medical check up, the experience of Korean traditional medicine, an appointment with a dental clinic or all the aforementioned services, please contact us. Medical Avenue is here to make your trip an elite experience!

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