2015 Goal: Building bridges with the Arab World

2015 Goal: Building bridges with the Arab World

Year 2015 is approaching fast and here, at Medical Avenue, we have established our goals for the upcoming year. Building bridges with the Arab World is at the top of them. This first goal is a dream, a wish, an action to work for: Expand our market into the Arab World. Thus, form reliable alliances with medical organization along the Gulf Region.

As a first step we need to know what clients from the Gulf Region want or expect from a medical tourism agency/facilitator. We need to fully grasp the choice drivers behind their decisions. From the medical side it’s basic to comprehend the types of treatments they often look for. Finally, the cultural factors to make their trips an elite experience come in place.

Therefore, with all this in mind, we consult those who have the knowledge and the will to share and illustrate us from inside. The Emirati-Korean Friendship Society is one of those organizations that help us understand the market. Therefore, to provide them with the best possible services for their medical trip to South Korea.

Friendship and commitment:

We thank Mr. Humaid Al-Hammadi, President of the Emirati-Korean Friendship Society, for all his insights on the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (previously known as GCC) and the regional healthcare system. The conversation with him set the first stone for our journey into the region. With his help and the knowledge from groups like this one, we are sure South Korea will gain presence among Arabic speakers.

Our job now is to reinforce this union and improve our services to offer the best possible experience for those coming to a Korean medical institution for medical treatment.

We hope to engage in larger efforts and quests to show people from that part of our world the medical excellence South Korea possesses and our own elite concierge service.

Medical Avenue is reaching new latitudes! Contact us if you have some questions about our presence in the Gulf Region. Thanks.

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