Korean beauty experts (plastic surgeon) in Almaty

Fashion – beauty breakfast by Medical Avenue

There are a few better things to do on a Saturday morning than to have an exquisite breakfast at one of the top places in town surrounded by blooming mountains and trendy men and beautiful women showing their latest spring collections. Even more when you can have a free consultation with the leading Korean beauty experts (plastic surgeon anti-aging specialized doctor) to give you some tips and recommendations on how to renew (rebrand?) yourself in just a few steps (or tricks)!

That’s the reason we came up with the idea of an event that would gather all of it in one single venue. For months, we couldn’t wait till the good weather came and the spirits of former clients, partners and sponsors breathed a new air to put all the pieces together and organize a morning to promote, applaud and enjoy top quality services in the different business spheres of fashion, beauty and health.

Korean doctor at Fashion event

The Korean beauty experts event:

On the morning of April 15th, our idea became reality: Supported by Fashion Collection, sponsored by AsiaCredit Bank among others, and hosted by Villaggio Restaurant our beauty-fashion-health event went on for a couple of ours. People gathered for photos and to enjoy appetizers with tea and other selected beverages. The DJ put the mood up to see our Korean plastic and cosmetic partners, Dream Medical Group, led by Dr. Cho and Manager Mrs. Jang, introduced themselves and spoke about the advantages of doing plastic and cosmetic treatments at their facilities in Seoul.

All followed by a short speech by Medical Avenue’s CEO Yekaterina Li, Director Javier Molina and Kazakhstan Office Director Tatyana Foster, where they reaffirmed their commitment to offer an elite experience to all their clients going to Korea for medical reasons (plastic surgery, check-up programs, orthopedics, dentistry, IVF, cancer treatment and more).

Moments later, the private consultations started behind the scenes, while in the front part all the guests were delighted by a live and energetic violin performance, a flashy fashion runaway, a raffle full of gifts (Dream & Medical Avenue gave away a $1,000 USD voucher for skin treatment at Dream’s clinic in Seoul) and a delicious menu to make everybody smile.

All in all, we, at Medical Avenue, feel thankful for the trust received from our sponsors, partners, clients and friends, and feel satisfied after watching our guests leaving the place with a smile, a small bag with surprises and the certainty to entrust us with the organization and preparation of their medical trip to South Korea and —soon to come— other destinations.

Thanks. See you on our next event.

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