Charity Event for Nephroblastoma Cancer Treatment

Nephroblastoma Cancer Treatment

Alan Leonchuk is only three (3) years old, but has already gone through more than most of us. Diagnosed with nephroblastoma cancer (Wilms’ tumor) on his left kidney one year ago, he and his family started a long journey through Kazakhstan, Russia and finally Korea in order to find the right treatment for him.

Under the supervision and expertise of Dr. Yoo at Severance Cancer Center, Alan has gone from a very low survival chance to almost be cancer free in half a year. Nevertheless not everything is good news for his family: the treatment cost is high and they need to raise money to cover what comes next for him. Surely, they are not alone, specially when groups like Rotary Seoul Young Leaders Club want to give them a friendly hand.

A night between friends:

After a couple of days talking on when and how to do it, the Rotary Seoul Young Leaders Club decided to find sponsors and organize an event with the only purpose to collect funds for Alan. The puzzle was put together on a blink of an eye and the event went on its way.

On September 30th, Friday night, at the Hidden Cellar in Seoul, members of the club and friends gathered to share a beer, hear Dr. Yoo’s thoughts and plans, and donate to Alan’s fund. The night went between smiles, good wishes and a sense of camaraderie only felt when the goal is right.

Thanks from Alan and from Medical Avenue

Alan’s family will receive what was collected at the event, and beyond the money, his parents can count on the emotional support and positive thoughts of all those who saw a kid in need, yes, but also a kid with a great strength and desire to live.

From Medical Avenue’s team, we sincerely thank you all (SYLC) for making this event come true and for having such a will to make this world a better place to grow, particularly for our children. Thanks.

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