The Importance of VAT Reimbursement in Korea’s Medical Tourism

VAT reimbursement in Korea after plastic surgery

Korea has long been a favorite destination for medical tourists, especially those seeking world-class plastic surgery. But the industry is not just about providing top-notch medical services. It’s also about ensuring fair practices and transparency for international patients. Enter the amendments to the Foreigner Attraction Law of 2009, a game-changer for medical tourists coming to Korea.

Understanding the VAT Reimbursement:

Under the Foreigner Attraction Law, international patients who choose to have plastic surgery at certified clinics in Korea are entitled to a VAT reimbursement. Specifically, they can reclaim 7% of the total bill they pay to the clinic. Here’s a step-by-step of how it works:

  • Payment Method: Ensure you pay for your procedure using a card (Credit/Debit).
  • Request a Receipt: After your payment, ask the clinic for a VAT reimbursement receipt.
  • Claim: Before departing to your home country, head to the designated VAT claim counter at the airport and present your receipt. Alternatively, you can process the claim through an agency in your home country.

Why This Matters:

At Medical Avenue, we are dedicated to ensuring our clients only choose certified clinics. By doing so, we not only assist in the payment process but also guarantee that our clients obtain their deserved VAT reimbursement. But this process goes beyond just seeking a discount:

  • Avoid Overcharging: The reimbursement mechanism acts as a safeguard to ensure clinics do not exploit international clients by inflating prices.
  • Prevent Unethical Practices: In the past, there were instances where some agencies collaborated with clinics to inflate procedure prices, only to benefit from huge incentives. Such practices not only dent the reputation of the industry but are also illegal.

Choose Wisely:

For any prospective patient, the message is clear. It’s paramount to conduct thorough research. Ensure both the clinic and agency you work with have the required certifications. Look beyond just the procedure; seek fair service and transparency.

The Evolution of Medical Tourism in Korea:

Over the past 14 years, the landscape of medical tourism in Korea has transformed immensely. This metamorphosis can be attributed to the combined efforts of private entities and governmental agencies. The introduction and reinforcement of laws like the Foreigner Attraction Law ensure that Korea continues its ascent as a top medical tourism hub, boasting not just quality but also integrity.

In conclusion, as Korea continues to reinforce its position as a premier destination for medical tourism, it’s vital for international patients to be informed and aware. Make the most of the facilities, benefits, and safeguards offered, and ensure you’re getting the best and fairest treatment possible.

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