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Chemotherapy in South Korea_information

Chemotherapy in South Korea

What is chemotherapy? Many people are afraid of the word “chemotherapy”. But at the moment, it is one of the most effective methods of treatment for oncology. In some types of oncology – this is the only type of treatment. With the development of medicine comes better and better new drugs with less side effects. …

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Immunotherapy in South Korea

Immunotherapy in South Korea

What is immunotherapy? Immunotherapy is a new era in the oncology treatment! This therapy is the youngest of all, but it is giving high hopes for oncology patients. The first set of drugs were released in 2011-2013, and numerous studies and trials are still underway. If we divide the generations of anti-cancer treatment, we can …

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Radiotherapy in South Korea_information

Radiotherapy in South Korea

What is radiotherapy? Radiotherapy is one of the three main treatments for oncology (surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy). Radiation destroys cancer cells and inhibits their further growth and division. The therapy is painless, takes place within a few minutes, together with preparation takes 10-20 minutes. How is radiotherapy done in Korea? After reading the results of …

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