VIEW Plastic Surgery Clinic

VIEW Plastic Surgery Clinic is a general plastic surgery clinic founded in 2005. The clinic provides a full range of services, including diagnostics, treatment, surgery and postoperative care.

VIEW facilities offer high-tech operating theaters, silent and private hospital wards, an intensive care unit (ICU) and an international department to assist foreign patients. To complete the experience they have a cozy cafe and resting available to patients.

In accordance with the Ministry of Health’s concept of “Protecting Patient Rights and Strengthening Safety Oversight,” the clinic is equipped with a system of surgical authentication for the sake of transparency and patient safety.

Today, VIEW clinic is one of the leading plastic surgery clinics in Seoul, Korea: Quality and safety standards are guaranteed.
Unlike other plastic surgery clinics, VIEW clinic can create a three-dimensional model of the patient’s face before and after surgery to ensure its safety and accuracy. This allows surgeons to evaluate the treatment process and discuss with patients the details of the upcoming surgery. The virtual 3D model is created with the help of the Morpheus 3D device, the procedure is harmless to health.


3D face image for plastic surgery

VIEW clinic is famous for its mammoplasty department. In addition to a team of surgeons specializing in breast plastics, the clinic has a full-time mammologist, as well as all the necessary equipment for diagnosis and safe conduct of breast plastic surgery. The clinic uses a Vectra Scanner, which carries out a three-dimensional scan, with which patients can compare the condition of the breast before and after surgery. Doctors can also more accurately assess the patient’s wishes and the surgery plan. This precise planning contributes to increasing patient satisfaction.

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Клиника пластической хирургии VIEW

VIEW Plastic Surgery Clinic

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