Samsung Medical Center

Samsung Medical Center is one of the highest-rated hospitals in Asia for oncology, neurology and pediatric oncology.

Since opening in 1994, this medical institution has led the healthcare industry in South Korea. Additionally, It is also the “White House” Hospital in the Asia Pacific Region.

The medical complex has a total of 1,979 beds, about 1,400 doctors and has over 200 inpatients per day. It is the largest of its kind in South Korea and after completing the 2nd generation proton therapy and Cancer Center in 2014.

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Centers of excellence inside Samsung Medical Center:

    • Pediatric Adolescent Center: The Pediatric Adolescent Center has the highest survival rate for Neuroblastoma in the world.The center has performed over 1,500 pediatric hematopoietic stem cell transplant.
    • Gamma Knife Center: Since 2002, this center has have over 8,000 successful cases on brain diseases. It’s the only center in Asia with Gamma Knife Icon (latest medical technology).
    • Breast Cancer Center: The Onco-plastic Breast Surgery offers a multidisciplinary approach to improve the outcome of treatment and patients breast-conserving satisfaction. It has over 20,000 surgeries performed.
    • Health Checkup Center: This center has the latest technology for body screening tests. It carries special programs for foreign patients.

Top Doctors at Samsung Medical Center that Medical Avenue has access to:

    • Dr. Nam Sok Jin: Breast cancer surgeon
    • Dr. Woong Sung Ki: pediatric hematopoietic stem cell transplant

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