Dental Treatment in South Korea

Dental Treatment and Care in South Korea: A Smile for Everyone

Korean dental care is affordable and of a high standard. Dentists in the nation go through a rigorous education system to receive the proper credentials. Moreover, a large number of them go abroad to train themselves in multiple areas. Dental clinics are also thoughtfully controlled by government institutions to assure hygiene and quality standards.

Top dental clinics in South Korea

How many foreign tourists come to South Korea for dental treatment?

As with many fields of medicine, dentistry in South Korea is developing at an above average growth rate and is receiving more and more attention from experts and patients. Every year since 2009 South Korea has seen an increase of over 40% in the number of dental tourists. It is estimated that in 2019 more than 11,000 dental tourists came to the country specifically to receive dental treatment. This trend will continue according to new estimates, because more dentists around the world use Korean materials (Korean implants are highly rated), overseas patients trust the doctors’ skills and are satisfied with the treatment results.

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