Abdominoplasty in South Korea

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Абдоминопластика в Корее 1
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Абдоминопластика в Корее 1
Абдоминопластика в Корее 2
Абдоминопластика в Корее 3
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Abdominoplasty in Korea

Suitable for you if:Excess fat, desire to correct the contours of the body, excess skin, “postpartum mother’s apron”, the need to tighten the abdominal muscles.
Surgery time3-5 hours
Hospitalization1-2 days
Removing seamsOn the 7th to 14th day

FAQ about abdominoplasty in South Korea:

What is abdominoplasty?

When is abdominoplasty recommended?

Who is not suitable for abdominoplasty?

Types of abdominoplasty in Korea

What are the inconveniences after the abdominoplasty?

When can I start smoking again after abdominoplasty?

When to shower after abdominoplasty?

Is it possible to fly (go) alone for my abdominoplasty?

Will the fat come back again after the abdominoplasty?

After abdominoplasty, it is recommended to follow a right diet and to do exercise. In most cases, patients manage to keep in shape for a long time. We recommend to refrain from surgery if you are planning pregnancy and childbirth, as during the operation the abdominal muscles are tightened. Muscles can break again during your pregnancy and the result of the operation will be reversed.

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