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What are the most common myths and facts about breast implants?

Yes, you can. We often hear this question from our clients. Doctors say it's safe to take a plane after having breast augmentation surgery. The breast implants are made of silicone and there is no risk for an "explosion" or rupture.

Another YES. The implant location is under the breast muscle. Thus, the breast function is completely untouched. You can feed your baby as you would without implants.

We hear this question often and we like it. That means women are having regular breast inspections. During the initial recovery period a mammography might not be possible, but instead you can have a breast ultrasound or an MRI. You SHOULD inform your doctor about your implants before any medical test. After a few months you can go back to your regular mammography without any risk.

Yes. Medicine has come a long way. Breast implants have been studied and regulated by large government and private institutions to make sure they are safe. Being said that, you always want to do your due diligence on the clinic and the brand of silicone implants they use. Look for FDA certified brands or in Korea, KFDA approved.

This one is a NO. Quite the opposite. Due to the texture of the silicone implants, you might be extra sensitive after having your breast augmentation surgery.

NO! It shouldn't. Breast implants now come in different shapes, sizes and textures. Talk to your surgeon and tell your desired outcome. A good plastic surgeon will give your breast a natural look. Not a fake one.

Another big NO. FDA approved implants come with a 10 years guarantee. That doesn't mean you need to change them every 10 years, unless you want it.


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FDA approved. By Johnson & Johnson


French brand. Nano skin memory gel.

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