Korean Traditional Medicine Treatment

Korean Traditional Medicine Treatment: An ancient formula for new solutions

What kind of diseases can I treat using Acupuncture?

First of all, this type of treatment is widely used to eliminate pain and release stress in a safe and reliable way. Moreover, it has also been proven to be effective against arthritis, obesity, atopic dermatitis and stroke rehabilitation, among other diseases.

Some hospitals also offer skin beauty treatment using this technique to stimulate the facial points and muscles to facilitate blood circulation. Thus lifting loose skin and making it clearer.

Which hospitals should you consider for Korean traditional medicine?

Foreign patients come to South Korea for traditional medicine for long-term treatments that usually include physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Their other option is 1-day programs to reinvigorate their health, mind and physical state.

Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine offers excellent service for those who want to experience one-hour programs that include acupuncture and other physical therapies. Especially relevant is the holistic approach using Chuna manipulation to examine the spine health during a 4-hour program.

Finally, for long-term treatments such as physiotherapy or spine rehabilitation Jaseng Hospital offers clean and updated facilities, managed by a group of doctors and nurses with multiple background and specializations.

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