Organ transplantation in South Korea

Organ transplantation in South Korea

  Organ transplantation in South Korea is available for international patients who come to the country with their own donor. The donor has to be consanguineous, a family member (official documents are necessary). Living donor liver transplantation and living donor kidney transplantation are the two most common procedures. Dr. Sung Gyu Lee at Asan Medical Center is a worldwide leader on this medical field. The cost of liver and kidney transplantation procedures in Korea is lower than in USA.

What services we provide for our patients coming for an organ transplantation procedure?

  • Free pre consultation at top medical centers
  • Second opinion medical service (US hospital available, optional)
  • Paperwork arrangements for transplant authorization
  • Free translation during hospitalization and surgery
  • Fast access to rehab centers
  • Visa extension, accommodation and daily life tasks for long term stay
  • Free airport-hotel transport
  • Follow up with hospital for future treatment

What organs can be transplanted at hospitals in South Korea?

South Korea is one of the world leaders in living donor liver and kidney transplantation. It offers one of the highest 5-year success rates (92% success rate on liver transplantation).

Are there any specific restrictions in South Korea for organ transplantations?

The Korean law asks for foreign patients to come to the country with the living donor. They must present the certificate of relation. Only first and second blood related persons could act as a donor according to the regulations inside the Korean hospitals. For more information on legal requirements please send us a direct request.

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