Oncology treatment in South Korea

Oncology treatment in South Korea

Oncology treatment in South Korea has brought positive results for international patients. Following the results of the Concord-2, South Korea posts the highest 5-year survival rates for stomach, thyroid and prostate cancer. It also tops the charts on breast cancer treatment. For oncology (all types, including oncology pediatric treatment) we only recommend JCI-accredited hospitals like Severance and Ajou, and local leaders such as Severance Hospital, Asan Medical Center, Samsung Medical Center and SNUH.

Types of cancer treatments available in South Korea*


What services Medical Avenue provides for patients coming to South Korea for cancer treatment?

  • Free medical history readings and translations
  • Free pre consultation at top medical centers
  • Second opinion medical service
  • Free translation during hospitalization and surgery
  • Direct access to leading surgeons
  • Visa extension, accommodation and daily life tasks for long term stay
  • Follow up with hospital for future treatment

*Medical Avenue does not provide advice, diagnosis or treatment. Hence, this information is just a reference to know more about medical treatments abroad. It doesn’t replace your physician recommendations.

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Our hospitals

Samsung Medical Center

Samsung Medical Center is one of the highest-rated hospitals in Asia for oncology, neurology and pediatric oncology.

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Ajou University Hospital

Departments at Ajou University Hospital: Gamma Knife Center, Organ Transplant Center, Cardiovascular Center, Comprehensive Care Center for Osteoarthritis, Hearing Center and Oncology Center. Cancer treatment at Ajou University Hospital,...

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Severance Hospital

Severance Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Korea for oncology, cardiology and pediatric oncology treatment.

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