Organ transplantation in South Korea   Organ transplantation in South Korea is available for international patients who come to the country with their own donor. The donor has to be consanguineous, a family member (official documents are necessary). Living donor liver transplantation and living donor kidney transplantation are the two most common procedures. Dr. Sung […]

Neurology treatment in South Korea   Neurology treatment in South Korea has achieved international recognition thanks to the advance medical equipment and reputable neurologists and neurosurgeons. Medical institutions like Samsung Medical Center provide world-class methods and therapies to treat brain and nervous system conditions: gamma knife surgery, neuroendoscopic surgery, radiation therapy and proton therapy (proton […]

Dermatology treatment in South Korea   Dermatology treatment in South Korea (including skin care procedures) has a higher level than any other destination in Asia. Skin treatments available in South Korea are often better and wider than any other place in the world. At Medical Avenue, we recommend top clinics located around the high-end district […]

Gynecology treatment in South Korea   Gynecology treatment in South Korea is available at women’s healthcare centers and general hospitals. Medical Avenue recommends 3 women healthcare for international patients because of their women-only spaces and oriented attention. These institutions have well-regarded physicians in different areas, from cervical cancer to infections treatment. What services Medical Avenue […]

Hair transplantation in South Korea   Hair transplantation in South Korea: Top South Korean clinics use ultra refined unit hair transplant techniques. These procedures are safer, faster and more efficient than in other destinations. Patients can also opt for ARTAS robotic hair transplant at one of Medical Avenue’s partner clinics. The robotic assisted procedure allows […]

Eye Care (Ophthalmology) in South Korea   Eye care treatment (ophthalmology) in South Korea, particularly vision correction surgery, has a high standard. Doctors and surgeons’ skills, the quality of medical equipment and the speed of treatment makes South Korea a top destination for ophthalmology treatment. At Medical Avenue, we rely on the work of high-end […]

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