Plastic surgery in South Korea

Plastic Surgery in South Korea

South Korea has become the central hub for plastic surgery in Asia. The local surgeon’s unique skills and the latest medical technology at world-class facilities makes Korean clinics the most reliable option. At Medical Avenue, we only recommend the top 5 clinics in Seoul. We also make sure our clients are treated by experienced doctors and head surgeons only.

What services we provide for our plastic surgery clients?

  • Free pre consultation with DOCTORS
  • Free translation at clinic
  • VIP access to exclusive clinic’s facilities
  • 1-night stay at the clinic free of charge (after long surgeries)
  • Laser therapy post-surgery (if recommended by doctor)
  • Discount at cosmetic stores (partner’s products only)
  • Free airport-hotel transfer (treatment cost above 10,500,000 Korean won)

Plastic surgery in South Korea

Why to have plastic surgery in South Korea?

Traveling for Plastic Surgery to South Korea has become a convenient and efficient option for medical tourists. They can take a break, reset and go back to business with a boost of confidence.

During the last 5 years South Korea has seen the number of foreign patients grow over 60% per year. People from Kazakhstan, Canada, US, Australia, Russia, China and the Gulf Region visit the country with a wide range of needs: from congenital and acquired deformities correction, scar removal or skin grafting to more cosmetic-related procedures.

The most commons procedures are: blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), rhinoplasty (nose job surgery), breast augmentation surgery and anti-aging treatment.

  • Plastic surgery Price Vs Quality is substantially better in South Korea than in many other countries.
  • Plastic surgery doctors perform thousands of surgeries every year and carry great expertise on specific procedures.
  • South Korea has the latest technology in medical equipment. Doctors are highly trained to operate these devices.
  • Doctors only use high quality materials to perform cosmetic & plastic surgeries.
  • Our team always provides you with translators to make yourself feel at ease. (You can always convey whatever you want during every step of the medical procedure).
  • We have great travel packages for plastic surgery patients coming to South Korea.

Where to have plastic surgery in South Korea?

At Medical Avenue we take in consideration a number of elements to choose the right partners for plastic and cosmetic surgery:

  • Clinics should share our vision and offer one-on-one service to all our clients.
  • The hygienic control inside their facilities should be above standards. We do not joke around when it comes to safety.
  • Doctors at the clinics should be certified by the Korean Board and/or International organizations.
  • Medical secrecy and information privacy are elements we take very serious.
  • Cosmetic and plastic surgery is a blend of aesthetic awareness, artistic precision and surgical techniques: we only recommend surgeons that gather all these skills.

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