Oncology (cancer) treatment in South Korea

Oncology (cancer) treatment in South Korea

Oncology treatment in South Korea has brought positive results for international patients. Following the results of the Concord-2, South Korea posts the highest 5-year survival rates for stomach, thyroid and prostate cancer. It also tops the charts on breast cancer treatment. For oncology (all types, including pediatric cases) we only recommend JCI-accredited hospitals like Severance and Ajou, and local leaders such as Severance Hospital, Asan Medical Center, Samsung Hospital and SNUH.

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Oncology (cancer) treatment in South Korea

Types of cancer treatments available in South Korea*

Prostate Cancer:  Almost the totality of cases is among men over 50 years old.The risk factors include age, a family history prone to the disease and race. Diet also plays an important role; men consuming large quantities of red and processed meat and milk products are more susceptible. In early stages can cause pain while urinating, blood in the urine or pain around pelvis and back.

Thyroid Cancer: It originates from follicular or parafollicular thyroid cells. It has a close to 100% survival rate on early detection. In many of the cases a nodule on the neck is the first symptom. Although only 5% of these nodules can be cancer-related. Doctors use an ultrasound and a biopsy to detect it.

Breast Cancer:  It develops from the breast tissue. There are some 20 different sub-types of breast cancer. Obesity, smoking, drinking, early age menstruation, late or no pregnancy, lack of physical activities are factors that increase the risk of breast cancer. A lump different from the rest of the breast tissue is usually the first noticeable symptom. We recommend women to have a self physical examination frequently. Moreover, at least once a year, to take a mammography.

Lung Cancer: Develops in the cells in the bronchi or in the lung’s bronchioles and alveoli. Lung cancer is the most common types of cancer, accounting for 15% of the total cases. It is recommendable for people who has smoked more than 30 packs of cigarettes over the last decade to have medical examinations.

More kinds of cancer treatments available in South Korea*

Stomach Cancer: Gastric cancer is a malignant tumor emerging from the lining of the stomach. As in many kinds of cancer, the survival rate increases when it’s found during the early stages. Some of the stomach cancer symptoms include indigestion or stomach discomfort. Also, a bloated feeling after consuming food and a mild nausea and heartburn.

Colorectal Cancer: Colon cancer, rectal cancer or bowel cancer are other names for the same type of cancer. The majority of the cases are due to lifestyle factors such as: obesity, smoking, low or no physical activity, eating large quantities of red and processed meat, and alcohol consumption. The symptoms can vary depending the area. Noteworthy are: blood in the stool, loss of appetite and weight and constipation.

Cervical Cancer: It has been determined that Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection has direct relation to 90% of the cervical cancer cases. It is the fourth most common type of cancer around the world. Furthermore, it is also the fourth most common cause of deaths among women with cancer.

Liver Cancer:  Hepatic cancer is an umbrella of different types of cancer. Thus, it presents diverse signs and symptoms, depending on the origin of the disease. Approximately 75% of all primary liver cancer cases develop from the liver cells named hepatocytes. These cells become malignant and form hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).

*Medical Avenue does not provide advice, diagnosis or treatment. Hence, this information is just a reference to know more about medical treatments abroad. It doesn’t replace your physician recommendations.

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