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US Second Opinion Online Consultations

US second opinion online consultation

Medical Avenue’s “US second opinion online consultation” program gets top tier US doctors close to international patients. This innovative service is a new way for people in the CIS region, the GCC region, Europa, Latin America to corroborate or complement their local medical diagnosis.

Now, patients at our locations can request an online consultation with a US doctor just by filling out this form.

Never it has been this comfortable to receive a 2nd opinion from a US physician without leaving your home, and in your own language.

Steps to arrange your US online consultations:

  1. Leave your request at Medical Avenue’s site
  2. Send your medical records and images (from your primary care physician)
  3. Select the doctor(s) and medical institution (Medical Avenue gives you 2 or 3 options)
  4. Select the online session duration and number of physicians you want to consult
  5. Provide 5 questions you want to discuss with doctor(s) during the online consultation
  6. Schedule your visit for the online consultation at Medical Avenue’s office
  7. Make the most out of your consultation (we’ll be there to guide you)
  8. Receive the medical assessment from the US physician in written form
  9. Follow up with Medical Avenue’s staff

Which hospitals are available for online consultations?

Medical Avenue has access to leading doctors at medical institutions such as Boston Children’s Hospital, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, Stanford Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Dana-Farber (Harvard) Cancer Institute, among other top tier hospitals.

We also provide the same service for 2nd tier hospitals in the US.

If you have additional questions, please contact us: info@medicalavenuekorea.com or call us to +82-10-2449-0215 / +82-2-6020-6813

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