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Medical treatment in South Korea

Medical treatment in South Korea: Medical solutions for international patients

South Korean medical institutions have established themselves as a solution for international patients looking for medical treatment outside their borders. During the last ten years MEDICAL KOREA has created regulations to control and offer reliable medical services to foreign patients.


As a result, every year South Korea receives more international patients from Russia, Kazakhstan (CIS region), China, UEA (Middle East), USA and Europe. Cancer treatment, plastic surgery, IVF treatment, checkup programs and organ transplantation are the most common medical services for international patients.


Additionally, MEDICAL KOREA certifies reliable medical institutions and medical tourism agencies (facilitators) like Medical Avenue. Further, we recommend all international patients to make sure their medical provider is certified. Also, we encourage to look for experienced medical agencies and not regular travel agencies.

How Medical Avenue works for patients looking for medical attention in South Korea?

Medical Avenue grants personal attention to our international clients before, during and after their medical trip. Our final goal is to be a personal medical consultant for them, that means a full lifetime service: from future appointments, medical and health balance management and emergency treatments arrangements.

When you travel to South Korea for medical treatment using Medical Avenue’s services, you will receive personal attention and extra benefits to make your medical trip an elite experience:

  • Free concierge service: airport pick-up, hotel check-in and hospitalization
  • Free phone line during your stay in South Korea
  • Translation service at medical centers without a cost
  • Transportation arrangements: rental cars, minivans, city cabs
  • Discount at our partner’s hotels
  • 24 / 7 call service
  • Orientation in town and food / entertainment / amenities (recommendations)
  • Sightseeing & Tours organization (book in advance)
  • Follow up with your doctor at home

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