Preparation and post-operative care after eyes surgery

Preparation and post-operative care after

Care before and after blepharoplasty!

For plastic surgery procedures proper preparation and aftercare is just as important as the surgery itself. Following these recommendations will help you reduce discomfort, side effects, scars, as well as minimize the risk of unwanted consequences after surgery.

Korean plastic clinics have a number of protocols set to ensure your safety. At Medical Avenue, we also contribute to your wellbeing with additional layers of reliability.

Below are some tips from Medical Avenue coordinators on proper care after blepharoplasty.

Before your plastic surgery procedure:

Post-surgery care:

Possible inconveniences after plastic surgery:

It is necessary to strictly follow the doctor’s advice after surgery and take all prescribed medications to reduce the risk of side effects and inconveniences. Medical Avenue is not responsible for the outcome of any plastic surgery procedure at any point. This information should be taken as a reference and it is NOT meant to be a medical advice of any kind. The clinic and doctor of your choice should provide you additional information directly related to your case. Our medical coordinators are alway available to assist you!

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