What are the most common plastic surgery procedures in South Korea?

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Eyes plastic surgery procedures in South Korea

Korean doctors perform more than 25 different plastic procedures in the eyes area. Among the most common are eyelid plastic, blepharo ptosis, the elimination of epicanthus and canthoplasty.

Rhinoplasty in South Korea

The nose is a very important part of the face: from bridge to tip, all of it plays an important role in the face appearance and image in general. A correct shape of the nose helps to properly balance the face expressions.

Anti-aging plastic surgery procedures in South Korea

It is true when people say “you look the way you feel”, but unfortunately the fact remains that age spares no one. We all want to look young, but sometimes exercising, eating a healthy diet, and living a healthy lifestyle just isn’t enough! Additional help will not hurt, and there is a solution with at the hands of an experienced doctor at a trusted clinic in Seoul, South Korea.

Breast plastic surgery in South Korea

Breast plastic surgery or mammoplasty is mainly used to correct breast sagging level or to give the breast a more aesthetic look (for men as well). Depending on the needs of the patients, doctors can offer implants for breast augmentation, promptly remove skin and saggy tissue or reduce the breast size along with a lift. The purpose of these operations is not only to create a beautiful breast, but also to preserve its health and functionality.

Body contouring in South Korea

Not everyone can boast of an ideal figure, even with regular training and dieting is not always possible to achieve the final goal. Unfortunately, with the modern rhythm of life sometimes the “do exercises, stick to a healthy diet and lead a healthy lifestyle” is simply impossible! One solution to this problem is body contouring plastic surgery. Especially for women after pregnancy and childbirth, this can be the most effective to find the desired body figure.

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