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Plastic and cosmetic surgery in South Korea

South Korea has established itself as a prime destination thanks to accessible prices and to the increasing recognition of local doctors’ expertise and skills

Which are the most common procedures in South Korea?

Eye surgery / blepharoplasty
Description There are more than 25 types of procedures to correct the shape of the eyes. In South Korea the double eyelid or blepharoplasty is by far the most popular. Though simple compare to larger operations, the blepharoplasty requires great precision and accuracy, and aesthetic sense and wide medical knowledge.
Observations Doctors recommend staying for 3-7 days after the surgery. Requires local / sedation anesthesia.
Price range 1,450USD (non-incision) – 2,550USD*
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Nose surgery / rhinoplasty
Description Rhinoplasty is widely common in Asia and other Western countries. While in Asia most of the Koreans, Japanese, Taiwanese and Chinese look for the augmentation rhinoplasty, Korean doctors are also performe reduction rhinoplasty, a procedure more common in Europe or America.
Observations Open incision is mostly avoided. Doctors recommend staying for 7-10 days after the surgery. Requires general / sedation anesthesia.
Price range 1,400USD – 7,400USD *
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Facelift Surgery
Description Everybody grows old and at one moment the skin in the face reveals the truth. Asians are more prone to fat accumulation in the lower and middle face, while Europeans and Americans develop wrinkles in their forehead around their mid thirties as the muscles of the upper facial part drop (of course neither of those effects are exclusive to both parties). No matter which area of the face needs a lift, the experts will find the most suitable treatment to take away some years from the mirror.
Observations Doctors recommend staying for 7-14 days after the surgery. Requires general / sedation anesthesia.
Price range 1,900USD * (Acculift)
Forehead lifting 5, 500USD- 7,500USD *
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Mammoplasty Surgery (Breast augmentation / reduction surgery)
Description Women that are self-confident about their bodies are prone to develop more stable and successful relations. Aesthetic breasts play a deep role on how each woman perceives herself and thus engages with her world. That is why Korean doctors make emphasis on the importance of harmony between the size and shape of a woman’s body and her breasts. They know every woman is essentially different!
Observations Doctors recommend staying for 7-14 days after the surgery. Requires general / sedation anesthesia.
Price range 6,700USD – 10,400USD *
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Liposuction / tummy tuck
Description There is no shame in admitting the necessity to lose more than a few kilograms and giving a beautiful shape to our body. Although liposuction is usually related to the abdominal part, it is certainly not exclusive to it, now arms, thighs, calves, buttock, back, and waist can also be reduced. (Full abdominoplasty and mini abdominoplasty are available).
Observations Doctors recommend staying for 7-14 days. Requires general / sedation anesthesia.
Price range 5,400USD – 10,300USD *
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